Vallejo Game Color Set 72380 Tanned Skin Set

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Acrylic colors in a matte and opaque water-based formula, specially developed for application by brush. Each color has been meticulously developed in collaboration with model painters who specialize in fantasy figures and dioramas. The formulation of these colors has been developed taking into account the fact that some of these figures are used in tabletop games, so that Game Color is manufactured with a revolutionary new resin that offers extraordinary resistance to the damage caused by frequent use. It is recommended to apply Game Color to a previously primed surface. The colors dry quickly and form a homogeneous and self-leveling film while preserving even the smallest detail of a miniature. Game Color exhibits exceptional adhesion to all surfaces, such as resin, plastic, steel and white metal. Painting tools are cleaned with water.


72098 – Elfic Flesh
72099 – Skin Tone
72004 – Elf Skin Tone
72071 – Barbarian Skin