T’au Empire Vanguard Detachment


T’au Empire Vanguard Detachment

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T’au Empire Vanguard Detachment

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Comprising everything you’ll need and more to form a Vanguard Detachment in Warhammer 40,000: Apocalypse (or to kick-start your T’au Empire collection with a bang), the T’au Empire Vanguard Detachment set includes your three mandatory Elites units as well as an HQ choice to lead it. As a Character, the T’au Empire Commander can also serve as the Detachment’s Warlord, enabling you to generate an additional Command Asset each turn.

A T’au Empire Vanguard Detachment includes the following multipart plastic kits:

– 1 x T’au Empire Commander (Supplied with a Citadel 60mm Round Base, and including 1 Tactical Drone, supplied with a Citadel Flying Stem with 32mm Flying Base, the Commander can be assembled in either a XV-85 Enforcer Armour Crisis Battlesuit or an XV86 Coldstar Battlesuit.)
– 2 x XV8 Crisis Battlesuit Teams (6 XV8 Crisis Battlesuits, each supplied with a 50mm Citadel Round Base. Includes 12 Tactical Drones, each supplied with a Citadel Flying Stem with 32mm Flying Base.)
– 1 x XV104 Riptide Battlesuit (Supplied with a Citadel 120x92mm Oval Base)
– 2 x T’au Empire Infantry Transfer Sheets


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